Stone Bridge Golf Club

Ann Arbor, MI

We wanted high performance windows because we were using a lot of glass, and we wanted to have some energy savings. We also had building humidity issues to deal with from both our kitchen and shower areas, which meant that condensation was a big concern, especially since we'd opted for high quality interior wood frames." "In the end, though, it was because we had planned to use such a large number of big picture windows that we wanted to make sure we could have the best performing and best looking products we could get." This has turned out quite nicely for the golf course, since Serbay reports that all 45 of the 40-50 sq.ft. units "have performed very well for the building."

Technical Details:

Client Stone Bridge Golf Club
The Project
Constructed 2000
Building Size: 7,500 sq.ft
Windows: Lauren Windows - Cambridge, Ohio
Frames: Aluminum clad wood
IG: 3/4" Guardian PP2 low-e with argon and Super Spacer®
Myron Serbay
Boulder Development - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Contact Tel: 734.994.5001