Steinbach Credit Union

Winnipeg, Manitoba

From the ground up, SCU’s latest investment in Manitoba reflects its commitment to sustainable development, one of the core tenants of the Seven International Co-Operative Principles of Credit Unions. Approximately six miles of geothermal piping and 39 heat pumps make this the largest privately-funded geothermal construction project in Manitoba.

Over 600 panes of low-emission glass, occupancy light sensors and specialized roofing materials all contribute to the building’s sustainability. Built by Three Way Builders of Steinbach, Manitoba and designed by architect, Greg Ward, the building is slated to receive its Manitoba Power Smart designation this spring.
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Technical Details:

Owner Steinbach Credit Union, Lloyd Dueck
Date 2010
IG Used 679 floor to ceiling triple pane IG with triple seal silicone Super Spacer TriSeal™
Atrium Windows
Architect Gregory M. Ward Architect
Contractor Three Way Builders