Shindico Realty Headquarters

Winnipeg, Manitoba

This is a region of North America where winter thermometers can see 40° below zero (F), and where summer temperatures can soar into the nineties. When Shindico Realty, a major Western Canadian real estate development firm, set out to plan its new corporate headquarters here, as a showplace for "how
to build green in an extreme environment," it aimed for LEED certification.

Technical Details:

Client Shindico Realty
The Project
Constructed 2004-2005
Building Size: 22,000 sq. ft.
Window Fabricator: Alumicore, Inc.
Frames: high-performance curtain wall
Glass System Fabricator: Northwest Glass Products, Inc.
All exterior glazing units are 1-3/4" overall thickness.
All windows are 8' x 8' with applied bronze muntins. The
glazing system's second cavity is Argon gas filled.
The exterior first lite in the triple-pane glazing system
is PPG Solarcool Caribia, a tempered aqua-green spectrally
selective glass, chosen for reduction of solar heat
gain and medium reflective appearance. The second
(middle) panel is clear float glass, made by Pilkington
L.O.F. The third (inboard) panel is Cardinal 172 soft-coat
Low-E glass with the coating on the #5 surface.
Both ½" cavity air spaces are separated by Quanex's
black Super Spacer Premium Plus. The ¼" thick silicone,
NO-Metal Warm Edge spacer is backed by ¼" Bostik
butyl sealant.
Architect Keith Rankin, Cooper Rankin Architects - Winnipeg
Contact Tel: 204.453.7841