PCL Centennial Learning Centre

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

With its 100-year anniversary in sight, Edmonton, Albertabased PCL felt the construction of its new headquarters would be a perfect way to celebrate the company’s vast success and dedication to building high-quality, sustainable structures. The plans were magnificent, incorporating the latest and greatest materials in the building and construction industry to link two existing structures on the company’s 3.3-acre campus. The PCL CLC building was completed in June 2006 in time for its 100th anniversary celebration. With the thoughtful planning that went into the project, the design and building team were able to achieve the coveted LEED Gold certification. It was the first privatesector building in Alberta to accomplish this.

Technical Details:

Client PCL Centennial Learning Centre
The Project
2,430 m2 employee learning centre that is the central hub or PCL’s corporate headquarters, completed in 2006.
Glazing Construction
The PCL CLC design incorporated approximately 18,000
square feet of glass, accounting for 60 percent of the
building’s exterior walls using double and triple pane
Super Spacer IG with Low E glass.
Cohos Evamy integratedesign
Head Specification Writer Keith Robinson
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