PCL Centennial Learning Centre

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

With its 100-year anniversary in sight, Edmonton, Alberta-based PCL felt the construction of its new headquarters would be a perfect way to celebrate the company’s vast success and dedication to building high-quality, sustainable structures.
The plans incorporated the latest materials in the building and construction industry to link two existing structures on the company’s 3.3-acre campus. Cohos Evamy integratedesign was awarded the honor of designing PCL’s new headquarters, aptly named “PCL Centennial Learning Centre.”
“Super Spacer® was chosen because it embodies these attributes and is a known contributor to LEED® certification,” said Keith Robinson, lead specification writer and building envelope specialist for Cohos Evamy. “We regularly specify Super Spacer in our projects and have been pleased with Quanex’s ability to provide data that we can easily input into our modeling system.”
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Technical Details:

Client PCL Centennial Learning Centre
Project 18,000 square feet of glass, accounting for 60 percent of the building’s exterior walls
IG Double- and triple-pane with Super Spacer® and Low-e glass
Date 2006
Architect Cohos Evamy integrateddesign (www.cohos-evamy.com)
Spec Writer Keith Robinson