Mountain Equipment 

Winnipeg, MB

Mountain Equipment Co-op is a very innovative retailer of outdoor enthusiast sports equipment and an environmentally-conscious company that wanted to reconstruct an older office building with as much recycled material as possible. The process they undertook resulted in a recycled materials designation of an amazing 98%, one of the highest in the world. "The selection of fiberglass windows from Duxton Windows & Doors is based on several factors," says architect Peter Petkau, "including the performancelevel of the product, the high environmental rating of the window material and working with local suppliers." "Technical experts in Canada and the U.S. have recognized insulated fiberglass window frames as the best available. On the IG side, simulation analysis determined that these Super Spacer® quipped insulating glass units from AFG would provide the best performance from a heat loss as well as a heat gain perspective."

Technical Details:

Client Mountain Equipment Co-op
Peter Petkau
Prairie Architects - Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Project
Refurbished 2002
Building Size: 23,250 sq.ft.
Windows: Duxton Windows - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Frames: pultruded fiberglass
IG: AFGD Winnipeg
dual pane with AFG Ti-R Low-e coating plus argon gas
and Super Spacer®
Contact Tel: 204.956.0938