Land and Housing Corporate HQ

Jinju, Korea

The Land and Housing Corporation engages in the construction, renovation and management of the land and housing properties in urban cities in South Korea and internationally. DRDS was awarded the proposal of the US $320 million Land and Housing Corporation corporate headquarters based on
the requirements: to create a sustainable mixed-use campus comprised of office, public service, exhibition and conference spaces, broadcasting studios, and cultural facilities including a sports complex. The project implements numerous green and sustainable products and methods incorporated into all design aspects, including high performance building envelope materials.

Technical Details:

Client Land and Housing Corporation
DRDS - Seoul
Design in collaboration with Mooyoung and Tomoon
Wonjin Aluminum
(Wan Ju-goon / Jeon La Buk Province)
Types of Glazings and Quantities
65,000 square metre building with triple-glazed
insulating glass, Low-e on #2 and #4 surfaces, argon gas