Green on the Grand

Kitchener, ON

Just finishing its sixth year of operation, this Kitchener, Ontario, mid-sized office building has performed exactly as expected—surpassing ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency guidelines by a widely- redicted, yet still thoroughly impressive, 50%. "Just for the record, we haven't had a single seal failure in any of our windows," says Enermodal president and building designer Steven Carpenter. "All have operated just fine." "The one surprise to me," he notes, "is that since we're very close to a multi-lane expressway, I've been very impressed with the windows' sound-proofing. We have operable units, and if you open one, suddenly you realize, ‘Oh, I’m beside an expressway.’"

Technical Details:

Client Green on the Grand
The Project
Constructed 1995-1996
Building Size: 22,000 sq.ft.
Windows: Accurate Dorwin - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Frames: pultruded fiberglass IG: PPG Winnipeg triple
pane, tinted Azurlite outer pane
two Sungate 100, Low-e inner panes
argon gas and Super Spacer®
Steve Carpenter Enermodal Engineering - Kitchener,
Tel: 519.743.8777