Solar Module Sealants

Quanex's Solargain sealants are durable, non-conductive and inherently UV stable. They exhibit excellent adhesion to glass, and are desiccated to trap moisture before it reaches the active cell area. Solargain products are compatible with commonly used encapsulants, including EVA, PVB and TPO, and deliver superior protection against moisture and related damage.

Solargain products are available in two formats:

Solargain Edge Tape (SET)

Pre-extruded SET is packaged on a removable liner on rolls, delivered in a sealed foil bag and a robust carton for global shipping. SET is custom made to meet requirements of specific thin-film and crystalline PV module designs and applications, can be used in 1500V modules meets the criteria for cemented joint, and is applied using automated processes.

Pumpable Solargain Edge Tape (PSET)

PSET is liquid-applied, offering the same performance as SET products while being optimized for use with commonly available dispensing systems. PSET is packaged in 200-liter drums for convenient shipping, storage and unloading. A wide variety of automated application equipment is available.

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Solar Module Sealants

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