Molecular Sieve

The 3A molecular sieves are used to remove water and prevent condensation within insulating glass units with metal spacers. They are excellent for use in dual seal units. This product is not recommended for use in single seal units made with sealants containing solvents, but excellent for all other single seal units manufactured with solvent-free sealants.

The 3A/13X molecular sieve bead blend provides both removal of water and solvent residues after sealing glass units with solvent-based sealants.

Quanex’s molecular sieve beads feature:
  • Consistent bead sizes
  • Availability in the following sizes:
    • 55-pound (25 Kg) re-sealable box
    • 286-pound (130 Kg) drum
  • 3A Bead Products:
    • 1.6 mm (10 x 14 beads)
    • 1.0 mm (16 x 20 beads)
    • 0.7 mm (20 x 40 beads)
  • 3A/13X Bead Products:
    • 1.6 mm (10 x 14 beads)
    • 0.7 mm (20 x 40 beads)
Quanex’s high-quality molecular sieve beads can offer these benefits:
  • High quality for a low dew point
  • Low dust
  • Negligible nitrogen adsorption for reduced phenomena deflection
  • Compatible with manufacturing gas-filled insulating glass units
The following information is published as general information only. The listed properties and performance characteristics are approximate value and are not part of the product specification.
Moisture Capacity at 50% RH (% Weight) 3A Bead -19-21 3A/13X Bead - 20-21
Particle Size 3A Bead - 1.6 mm; 1.0 mm; 0.7 mm 3A/13X Bead - 1.6 mm; 0.7 mm
Loss Ignition (% weight, 2 hrs. at 950º C) max 3A Bead - 1.5 3A/13X Bead - 2.5
*Minimum Temperature Rise, ºC 3A Bead - 29º (52.2º F) 3A/13X Bead - 29º (52.2º F)
*Test must be performed with an Atiofi na/Ceca test kit available through Quanex Customer Service
Molecular Sieve

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