Q-Glaze™ Neutral Cure Silicone

Q-Glaze™ Neutral Cure Silicone is a one-component, non-sag, permanently flexible neutral-cure silicone sealant that is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion to vinyl, glass, aluminum, sheet metal and other common building materials—without the need for a primer. Q-Glaze Neutral Cure Silicone forms a durable bond when exposed to atmospheric moisture, and it is ideal for bedding and glazing applications—as well as other exterior applications.

Q-Glaze Neutral Cure Silicone features:
  • Superior adhesion to Kynar™ coated metals
  • Excellent adhesion to glass
  • Window and door approved
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Non-paintable
Q-Glaze Neutral Cure Silicone can bring benefits to the following applications:
  • Copper sheet metal
  • Glass replacement
  • Window and door
  • Industrial
Q-Glaze™ Neutral Cure Silicone

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