Q-Glaze™ Polymer Plus

Q-Glaze™ Advanced Polymer Plus from Quanex is a high-performance, permanently flexible and easy-to-use advanced polymer sealant ideal for applications that require accommodation for joint movement, such as fiber cement. Providing aggressive adhesion to common building substrates, Q-Glaze Polymer Plus is a versatile product for a wide range of uses.

Q-Glaze Polymer Plus features:
  • Aggressive adhesion to common construction substrates
  • Wide application temperature range (-40F to 140F)
  • Compatible with SBS flashing
  • Cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture
  • Paintable in two hours
  • No solvents and very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • ± 50% joint movability
Q-Glaze Polymer Plus can bring benefits to the following applications:
  • Coated metal roofing
  • Curtain walls and joints
  • Transportation
  • Fiber cement
  • Sheet metal
Q-Glaze™ Polymer Plus

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