Q-Glaze™ Advanced Polymer

Q-Glaze™ Advanced Polymer from Quanex is a multi-purpose advanced polymer sealant that helps ensure rapid curing and forms a durable bond that can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. Engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates – even with rubberized asphalt flashing– Q-Glaze Advanced Polymer features comprehensive compatibility and is the sealant of choice for professionals everywhere.

Q-Glaze Advanced Polymer features:
  • Aggressive adhesion to common construction substrates
  • Compatible with SBS flashing
  • Paintable in 2 hours
  • No solvents
  • Low VOCs
Q-Glaze Advanced Polymer can bring benefits to the following applications:
  • Perimeter sealing of windows, doors and skylights
  • Sealing waterproof membrane
  • Construction flashing
  • Industrial
  • Masonry
  • Siding
Q-Glaze™ Advanced Polymer

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