Sparklike Equipment

Sparklike Gasglass Laser gas-fill analyzing equipment enables precise measurement of gas-filling in IG production.

Gasglass Laser

Sparklike Gasglass Laser is a new innovation that is based on laser technology (TDLAS) operating in 760nm range. Gasglass Laser measures oxygen, and therefore the result can be converted to argon and krypton as well as xenon.

Unlike any other IG gas-fill analyzer, the Gasglass Laser measures gas concentration on triple- and double-glazed units through coatings and laminations. The intelligent analysis system runs on PC software, and thus, can be built to work as a part of the production line. IG manufacturers can use these advances in measurement to gain superior quality. Measure more products leaving your plant.


Gasglass Handheld V2

Gasglass Handheld V2 is a practical and quick method to test IG structures. The third generation of world-famous Gasglass machinery, the HH V2 uses technology that is based on plasma emission spectroscopy. A high-voltage spark is launched in the IG unit’s cavity, causing a light emission which is observed and analyzed further.

Gasglass Handheld V2 brought non-invasive testing of standard double- and triple-glazed IG for manufacturers and is referred to as the industry standard. It’s possible to conduct quick and accurate tests with Gasglass Handheld V2. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to get a fast reading of gas concentration. The user can simply place the device against the unit, press the button and receive an instant result with high accuracy. 

Taking  a measurement with Sparklike laser devices

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Sparklike Equipment

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Sparklike Equipment

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