High-Speed Full Automation

High-speed full automation for insulating glass with the expertise of Quanex enables efficient, effective and consistent production.

Quality, high-performance insulating glass (IG) production has always required careful attention, expertise and discipline. Today’s high-speed automation technology has streamlined and optimized that process, enabling more efficient production of IG than ever before.

Quanex Building Products works with the top equipment suppliers to offer fully automated solutions and the supporting products, including our Super Spacer® platform, to allow IG manufacturers to produce more than 1,200 units per eight-hour shift. It’s the expertise you can trust along with solutions to efficiently deliver high performance to your customers.

Watch the videos below to see high-speed full automation options that meet your needs:

Erdman Parallel Process IG Line

Erdman High Speed Parallel Process Dura IG Line

Erdman 7000 Series Spacer Applicator

Erdman Horizontal Insulating Glass Line

Erdman Vertical Insulating Glass Line

Forel Automated Super Spacer® IG Manufacturing Line

Forel T-Spacer Applicator
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High-Speed Full Automation

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High-Speed Full Automation

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