Residential Window Profiles

Quanex specializes in standard and customized window and door systems and components for the residential building products market. From product design and equipment recommendations to quality control and marketing support, we can help you meet your business, process and product goals. 

EnergyCore® System

Innovative, patent-pending AirCell design offering superior thermal performance.

EnergyQuest™ System

Advanced thermal performance vinyl window to help you meet Energy Star requirements.

MikronWood® Thermal Advantage

Ideal for both replacement and new construction applications.

MikronWood® 1700 Window System

Revolutionary material that provides the beauty of wood with the advantages of a composite.

MikronWood® 1750 Window System

Innovative material that provides the beauty of wood with advantages of a composite.

Mikron R2-9200™ System

Versatility Meets Aesthetics.

Mikron R2-10000™ System

Thermal Efficiency Coupled With Structural Strength.

Mikron R1-6450™ System

Ideal for Residential New Construction Applications.

Mikron R1-100™ System

Ideal for New Construction and Replacement Applications.